February 3, 2010

It’s the month for LOVE!

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Hello world!

     “I want to share a special love with yall of how I found ”MOM“, running thru the corn fields!  She nearly hit me, but I was quick and made it across the road.  Mom, stopped and got out to check on me, and I knew this was my chance to find a home!”

     “You see, I was lost!  I had been for awhile.  It was at that moment when mom got out to check on me, and left the car door open, I JUMPED IN!!!  She couldn’t believe it!  Anyways, to make this short, SHE KEPT ME!!!”  She always asks me, “Are you HAPPY Harry?”. 

     That is why I am taking this opportunity to tell her… YESSSSS!  I have a family now. :)  PLEASE TAKE TIME THIS MONTH TO LET YOUR LOVE FOR OTHERS SHOW! 



January 7, 2010

IT’S NOW “2010″ and we are OPEN!

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Hello World!,

      ” Our RETAIL SHOP has officially opened their doors! YEA!  Our “mom” has been doing all the selling and hasn’t had the time lately to talk about us!”  She said she will make “our” BLOG one of her NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS! YEA!”

     We can’t wait to share our stories with you!                                                

                                                                 Baaaaaa, Rusti

February 23, 2009

Hello world!

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We are sooooo excited about “mom” learning to BLOG!!! Now she can share all of our fun with you :). We want to share alot of giggles, wisdom, and love, with each of you! Our “mom” is our writer, and will be doing the typing for each of us! As you can see, we are in “construction” on our web site. With a prayer, and some luck, we hope to be LIVE in the “airwaves” soon!

We hope you will enjoy us and keep visiting our site, and store!!!

The “Mayfield’s” (mom’s moneymakers:), The “Basset Brigade”, and mom!

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