Here are two very special "LINKS" in my life.  Take a moment to check them out!
Everyone needs "new beginnings" and this store, both on-line and in person offers that to you, the customer.  It has been said, that the best medicine money can buy is investing in a garden or plant of some kind, whether it may be big or small.  This site is home to one of the finest Home & Garden stores in southeast Texas.  May you get to visit them and see what I have seen and felt when walking amongst the flowers, the sounds of water, and the cooing of doves.  Enjoy a sip of wine out in the courtyard, or a delightful lunch in the Tea Room.   There is something for everyone at Martha's Bloomers.
This site is apart of my world.  I have vitiligo. The National Vitiligo Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to help educate the world of this skin disorder. We need your help, please check them out! 
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