Hello Friends!

Our contest is now over, the votes have been counted!

THANK YOU for playing and voting on our “color contest”.  We have had fun seeing what colors you picked for each of us to wear.

 Our “mom” is busy lining up our photo shoot to make our 1st poster with our bows and Lightning’s neckerchief.  Please sign up for our newsletter to see when our poster will be available, and to see our upcoming events!


The Basset Brigade
Laeni, Lisa, Lucy, Little Bit,
and Lightning!


Our Bow & Neckerchief Game!

Click on each of our pictures, we will pop-up wearing different color bows, and a different color neckerchief for Lightning. Click on the picture with the color you would like us to wear!, Your "choice" will then be sent to our PAW committee.  Play as many times as you wish.

Please sign up for our newsletter, so that you will be the first to see us in our new poster with us wearing our new BOWS and Lightning’s NECKERCHIEF!


Little Bit



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