Begins with LOVE!

We are the "Mayfield's" along with the "Basset Brigade". An adopted family of dogs, goats, parrots, a horse, and a mini donkey. We all live together in one house under one roof, with mom and dad! Well, everyone that is except for Toy (the horse), Brooks (the mini donkey) and Chocolate (the goat with horns), they stay in their own house (barn)! The rest of us get to sleep in the big house! "So do I" "My name is Rusti, and I am a goat!"

We live in a wonderful wacky world of wonderful humans! (Can you say that 5 times fast?) Mom has agreed to help us in accomplishing our DREAMS and sharing our ADVENTURES.

We hope that each of you who visit's our site, leaves with a "smile" in their day! Please have fun learning about us as we take on this venture of becoming our "own product" www.! We are excited to share all of our pages with you! Enjoy shopping our store, viewing our picture gallery, reading our blog, and most of all. we hope you liked us enough to share us with your PAW buddies! Mom says she doesn't want to be known as the "Crazy Animal Lady", so we want to help her make her dreams come true too!

We are anxious to meet you!

Goldie, Missy, Heidi, Cowboy, Catalina, Cooder,
Fred, Raeni, Harry, Billy Bob, Cort, Chocolate,
Toy, Brooks, Rusti, and the Basset Brigade
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